Asthma is a chronic disease, which can be found in people of all a group and gender. The disease badly affects the respiratory system of the patients suffering from it. Due to this disease the patients feel uncomfortable in breathing smoothly and they also feel like suffocation most the time. A prolonged bronchitis can easily take the face of chronic asthma. Therefore, if you are suffering from bronchitis then you always must consult to doctor in early stage to prevent occurrence of asthma. However, there are also other symptoms of asthma like cold, fever, congestion in chest, feeling fatigue frequently, and loss of appetite.

The main reasons behind the occurrence of asthma these days are dust and pollution. People having allergy are more prone to this disease. Further, the disease also gets transferred from one generation to other. In addition, if you are frequently getting respiratory infection then also there are great chances of asthma. The disease in some cases also occurs due to smoking or continuous exposure to tobacco smoke. Due all preceding reasons you can get affected by the disease.

There are several allopathic treatments like antibiotics, anti histaminic, bronchodilator, decongestant, cough syrup, and steroids are suggested by physicians to control asthma. However, all the preceding medicines cannot cure the disease completely. These treatments can offer temporary relief to the patients of asthma. If you or your family member or friend is suffering from the disease the best and permanent solution will be homeopathic treatment. You can get best Homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad at Vira’s Homeopathic clinic. Asthma Treatment in Hyderabad at our clinic is reliable as well as affordable. You can find immediate relief from different problems of asthma and after successful completion of the course of the disease you can its complete eradication without any side effects.

Common symptoms of asthma in a steady-state include: nighttime coughing, shortness of breath with exertion but no dyspnea at rest, a chronic ‘throat-clearing’ type cough, and complaints of a tight feeling in the chest. Severity often correlates to an increase in symptoms. Symptoms can worsen gradually and rather insidiously, up to the point of an acute exacerbation of asthma. It is a common misconception that all people with asthma wheeze-some never wheeze, and their disease may be confused with another chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as emphysemaor chronic bronchitis.

Asthma is caused by environmental and genetic factors which can influence how severe asthma is and how well it responds to medication. Some environmental and genetic factors have been confirmed by further research, while others have not. Underlying both environmental and genetic factors is the role of the upper airway in recognizing the perceived dangers and protecting the more vulnerable lungs by shutting down the airway. Margie Profet has argued that allergens look to our immune systems like significant threats. Asthma, in this view, is seen as an evolutionary defense. This view also suggests that removing or reducing airborne pollutants should be successful at reducing the problem.