Alzheimer’s is a chronic brain disorder, which if not time diagnose can become a fatal disease. The disease was discovered in 1906 by German physician named Alois Alzheimer. The name was disease was kept on his name since then the disease is diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. The disease progresses slowly and the patients suffer from several problems gradually like loss of memory and power of thinking and decision making. The disease is not restricted to the personal life of patients but it also starts affecting their social life. The disease is very common in Americans but it can also found at the different parts of world.

If we talk about the symptoms of the disease it can be found it has three different stages where behavior of patients changes drastically. In the initial stage of the disease it can be seen the patients forget frequent different things. The patients also usually get confused in minor things. It can be also found the patients find it difficulties in finding items of daily use, right words to refer something, and difficulty in doing minor calculations. In the intermediate stage patients’ memory loss can be easily recognized, they start use wrong words to refer something, find uneasy in performing daily routine work, and at times even unable to recognize their friends and relatives. In the final stage the whole personality of patients become dormant, they even cannot take care of their body, and become unable to perform routine task needed for survival.

Till date there is not proper cure of Alzheimer’s is available. However, if its systems are diagnosed at right time homeopathy will be best treatment for the disease. You can get treatment for Alzheimer’s at Vira’s Homeopathy Clinic. At us doctors are high experienced and well equipped with best medicine for treating Alzheimer’s.

  • Persistent forgetfulness

  • Has mind personality changes

  • Miner disorientation

  • Frequently loses or misplaces familiar items

  • Difficulties in finding the right word and performing simple calculations.

As the disease progresses the person

  • Has noticeable memory loss

  • Frequently uses word inappropriately

  • Difficulty in performing normal tasks involving muscle coordination such as cooking, dressing bathing, balancing check book etc.

  • May wander off, agitated & confused, fail to recognize friends & relatives, own clothing etc

In the final stage of severe Alzheimer, the affected individual

  • Becomes mute & uncomprehending & stare blankly without any reaction or emotion

  • Loses all self care ability & becomes incontinent

  • Is unable to feed, dress & bath himself or herself