Gout is a serious disease caused due to over deposit of uric acid inside human body. In this disease a patient often finds pain in his or her joints of the body. This happens due formation of urate that are small crystals of uric acid that surround the joints of the patients. These crystals often cause severe pain at the joints of the patients and at times take the form of arthritis. In most of the acute cases the hard layer of crystals are formed at the joints of the patients and in some cases it can also cause malfunctioning of joints and kidney damage.

If we talk about the disease it can be found it is a hereditary disease in which body fails to process the required uric acid and it starts accumulating. The uric acid is the basic ingredients of the foods that we eat in regular course of life. The adverse affect of Gout can be severe arthritis causing severe pain at the joints of the patients. It can be seen in most adverse cases there can be kidney stone or may be it can block the filtering layer of kidney, which may lead to kidney failure. Gout can occur in the body of both adult men and women of any age group.

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