Homeopathy is the latest and the most refined method of healing sickness in a very effective, economical and safe way. It is the science with rational philosophy which is useful for all ages of both sexes. The remedies and methods of treatment are non toxic, non addictive and effective in relieving sufferings without any side effects and can be administered orally in the form of medicated sugar pills in sub physiological doses either independently or along with conventional therapy.


Health is defined as the condition in which the body and mind are in a sound and healthy state whereas disease is the disordered condition. “ Healing “ can be defined as  the restoration of health to its normal state. The healing of sickness is related more to an individual than his or her body.


A person when falls sick says “ I am sick and I have been physically examined from head to toe and they tell me, I am not sick and I don’t have any form of disease but when the case history is taken into account they tell innumerable pages of suffering with or without pathology. Now, what does suffering actually mean ? ‘ I do not get proper sleep; I have no desire to eat;  I am mostly unhappy,anxious, restless, my bowels do not move, body ache and no interest in life etc. The answer and relief of such unusual kinds of sufferings can be found out at Vira’s Homeopathy.

The Physician is not only a healer but also a good friend, teacher and a counsellor. Counselling of patients and their kith and kin to procure the details of illness is the speciality of Vira’s Homeopathy. Case histories are recorded, analysed and repertoires before a prescription is given and the prescription is given under the supervision of our senior Homeopath. In handling certain disease conditions, deficiency disorders and adopting prophylactic measures against the diseases, there are specialisation in homeopathic treatment to provide symptomatic relief. The method of relief and cure is always symptomatic and is based on the individual’s symptoms which is holistic in nature. Patients are kept under observation and in cases where redressal is required, arrangements are made for multiple consultations and different therapeutical measures are undertaken to restore good health.