Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a very common disease and it is also very unique as the disease is not caused by any bacteria or virus. The disease is caused due to malfunctioning of immune system of human body, which fights the foreign bodies coming inside body. Our immune system is designed in such a manner that it automatically attract on disease cause bacteria and viruses. However, immune system inside the body of patients suffering from Alopecia Areata attacks on the hair follicles. In the disease it can be seen patients suffer from hair loss and tiny patches of hairless area is prominent on the head of the patients.

It can be found some patients suffering from Alopecia Areata may have only few hairless patches on their head and it remain as it is. However, in acute cases it can be found the patients may suffer excessive hair loss and at times it can be also found that patients may lose whole hair present on their head, face area, and even whole on their whole body. It is very interesting to know the white blood cells of the patients’ body suffering from Alopecia Areata does not attack the root cell of hair; therefore, new cells are continuously supplied by roots of hair to follicles. Hence, the disease is always curable as the follicles have great potential to grow in future.

If we talk about treatment of the disease then there are several treatments available in market. However, if you are looking for most reliable and treat without any side effect then homeopathy will be always recommended. Vira’s Homeopathy Clinic is offering complete treatment for Alopecia Areata. You can find positive results very soon as we first check the acuteness of disease then only our doctors recommend any medication. Thus, you can depend on us for treatments and complete eradication of Alopecia Areata from root cause.